CST Tyres

  • CST 26 X 1.95 TYRE
    This 26 x 1.95 CST tyre features connected knobs that act like a centre ridge for low rolling resistance as well as angular side knobs for cornering grip and traction offroad.
    The Critter is a fast-rolling cross country tyre with a low-profile tread pattern for slightly loose to hardpack conditions. The Critter offers great dependability, performance and is extremely lightweight.
    Push the standards of all-mountain freeride tires with the beefed up BFT from CST. The BFT (Big Fat Tire) has it where it counts ' meaty center and side knobs to dig in on tight turns and tough climbs. This is one serious performance tyre now in 2.40 width.
    Just a good MTB tyre, that's the Patrol. the medium-height ramped center knobs roll fast while still delivering the bite you need for tough climbs. The shoulder knobs are laid out in an aggressive stance, ready for precise turns. It provides you with excellent cornering grip, and can easily ride on most surfaces. The ramped knobs make it roll smoothly. The knobs are staggered to provide a consistent feel across the tyre tread. An ideal combination for all conditions!
  • CST 27.5 X 2.25 & 2.40 ROCK HAWK
    The Rock Hawk features an aggressive tread pattern with large, well spaced lugs which allows the tyre to shed mud in all conditions. Bad conditions won't stop you from getting a ride in. The Rock Hawk tyre from CST is right there with you. Loose footing, mud, and rain won't stop the Rock Hawk from carrying you through technical downhill and tough climbs. Available in 2 sizes
  • CST Tubes - 27.5 x 1.90 / 3.00 FV & SV
    Large range of tubes for all 27.5 bikes

    27.5 x 1.90 / 2.125 - SV & FV - 48mm & 60mm
    27.5 x 2.20 / 2.40 - FV - 48mm
    27.5 x 2.60 / 2.80 - FV - 48mm
    27.5 x 1.90 / 2.125 SV
    27.5 x 1.90 / 2.30 SV & FV
    27.5 x 3.00 SV
    27.5 x 1.90 / 2.125 - SV Thornproof

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