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Our fleet of E-Bikes are perfect for all aspects of urban travel, efficient on road and fast and fun off road. Cruz E Bikes can supply an eBike around you and your needs. We offer a truly unique, bespoke service. If you are tall, small, heavy, have health issues or disabilities, we can supply you an E-Bike and offer it to you through our flexible low-cost E-Bike subscription model from only $45 per week. We have a wide range of accessories and spares available.
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How it Works

Once you confirm some personal details, then advise us of the terrain you will mostly use the bike for, we will build and deliver you an eBike to your door, charged and ready to ride. Simply select a bike from the menu that fits your requirements, then pay a refundable deposit (see FAQ’s for terms) and the first month of your E-Bike subscription. We will show you how to use the E-Bike and give tips on successful ownership (no manuals to read) It’s as simple as that.

We deliver your E-Bike to your door, not on a courier, 70% built with no one to help, we deliver on a date and time that is convenient for you, built, charged and ready to ride. It’s all about friendly personal service.


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