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Milano Plus E Bike 26’’

Milano Plus E Bike 26’’
Milano Plus E Bike 26’’ City-E Bike 48V 768Wh Battery, White

The Milano Plus is a true trekking hybrid E-bicycle and a perfect all-around lifestyle bike; the Milano Plus is all that and more. Take it to the shops and feel comfortable with all your purchases secured on the rear rack; its design allows you to wear formal clothing and ride it with no discomfort and without breaking a sweat. Its casual style encourages the same from you, with no need for professional Tour de France equipment. This E-bike is perfectly suited for short and long trips with its now even longer-lasting battery on the Milano Plus (perfect for charging all your other portable devices with its USB port), a powerful motor, and high level of comfort.
NZ$ 59.00
Price for 2+:
NZ$ 49.50 per 1 Day Hire
Price for 4+:
NZ$ 47.00 per 1 Day Hire
Price for 5+:
NZ$ 42.00 per 1 Day Hire
Price for 6+:
NZ$ 37.00 per 1 Day Hire
Price for 7+:
NZ$ 35.00 per 1 Day Hire
1 Day Hire
7 hours 30 minutes

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