Steering Tail Light
Smart Bike Light, Wireless Remote Control, Turning Signal Taillight, USB Rechargeable Rear Light LED Warning Lamp
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1. wide visual range.
2. easy to install.
3. use the built-in500mAh Rechargeable battery;Lift time:4-5hours
4. surface waterproof effect reaches IPX2,guarantee daily use.
5. high quality LED, guarantee the warning effect.
6.Warning LED:Red and Blue Flashing

Bicycle light function:

1. Remote Control: A total of 3 buttons

1)The left turn key: Press the left turn button ,the button indicator flashes, and the rear left turn indicator flashes, and then press the button to turn off the indicator light.
2) Right turn key: Press the right turn button, the button indicator flashes, and the rear right turn indicator flashes, and then press the button to turn off the indicator light
3) LED light key: press the LED button, the button indicator is always on ,and the red light in the tail lamp is always on.Press the LED button again, the button light flashes, and the red light in the rear light blinks. Press the LED button for the third time, and turn off the red light on the tail light

2. Tail lights: a switch button, red LED warning light, yellow LED indicator light.

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