We’ve taken everything you love about the DUROLUX and made it bigger and badder! The new DUROLUX38 is ready to take on even the most hectic lines with 38mm stanchions for added stiffness and even more precision.

SR Suntour’s Durolux fork is a feature-packed, budget front suspension option that’s improved over the years. The latest version has more refined damping, plus a self-equalising air spring (hence “EQ” in the name) rather than a coil negative spring. That means it will work well for a broader range of riders.

Like Fox’s top-tier forks, it’s got a four-way adjustable damper, offering high- and low-speed adjustment of both the compression and rebound circuits. Plus, bleed ports under the seals can be used to release trapped air to maintain beginning-stroke sensitivity, or to replenish the seal/bushing lubricant between services.
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Offset                      44mm available
Production date     2023
Steerer tube
Diameter                 1.5" to 1-1/8"
Travel                     160mm, 170mm, 180mm
Right Side              R2C2-PCS, RC2-PCS
Left Side                Air spring
Crown                    Hollow forged R2C2/ RC2 PCS
Pitch                      145mm
Lower                     Magnesium
Brake                     Postmount 203mm Direct
Steerer tube          1.5"to1-1/8" tapered (CTS) Alloy
Stanchion tube
finish                       A7000, Hard anodized Black
Axle                        ø15-110 15LH-110
Short fender           included in delivery
Intended Use         Enduro, Freeride
Axle to Crown        600.5 (180travel) 590.5 (170 travel) 580.5 (160 travel)
  • technologies

      The Air EQ system, perfectly equalizing the rider's weight to the spring curve resulting in exact positioning and support. The Air EQ system creates a customized feel for each rider, optimizing proper sag and volume control in conjunction with the external damping adjustments of our sealed PCS cartridges. The result is a supple coil-spring feel in a lightweight, progressive and easy to adjust air-spring package.

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      Our lightweight forged hollow crown technology brings additional stiffness and keeps the weight down. It is 35 grams lighter than the solid crown. Our new one-piece hollow carbon upper saves again 120 grams towards the forged version.

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      Floating on a magic carpet is the feeling we’re aiming for. Reducing the impact from the ground into your body is the first step. With the PCS as the foundation and completely new designed shim based high-speed compression and rebound circuits, our new R2C2 cartridge is progress in the right direction with our testing data providing proof. Simple, reliable, durable and easy service performance.

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