Charger Kit DC482AU for NCM Moscow, NCM Milano, NCM Aspen
Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg
Item weight: 0,60 Kg
Dimensions: 16,30 ' 7,10 ' 4,60 cm
Input / Input: AC 100V - 240V 1.8A MAX
Final charging voltage: 54.6V
Charging voltage: 48V
Charge current: 2A
Connection: with round plug
Auto switch-off function: red-charging, green-ready (charged)
LED display: A small LED display
IMPORTANT! There is no guarantee of compatibility for other electrical items or e-bike batteries.
Our chargers are basically compatible with our e-bikes and rechargeable batteries.

This charger can be used with the following NCM E-Bikes:

NCM Moscow
NCM Milano
NCM Aspen
NZ$ 51.00
NZ$ 12.50
International Shipping:
NZ$ 34.78
Out Of Stock

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