CST 27.5 x 2.10 Trail Fiend
The Trail Fiend is designed for the demands of the cross country racing community. The knobs are closely spaced and ramped for fast rolling and straight-line braking performance. The shoulder and transition knobs are mildly aggressive to provide traction without sacrificing efficiency. Ideal road / Light offroad trails
NZ$ 30.00
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  • Size: 27.5 x 2.10 - (52-584)  
  • C1965  Tread pattern
  • Single compound
  • Wire bead - 27TPI
  • Medium centre knobs for fast rolling
  • Medium side knobs for cornering grip and traction
  • TRAIL FIEND in white lettering on side wall
  • 40 to 65psi
  • Lightweight 700g
  • CST

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