Zefal Chain Lube
All of the Zefal chain lubes
Pro Wet & Pro Dry $14.50
Extra Wet & Extra Dry $18.50
E-Bike Lube 120ml $18.50

All Conditions Lubricant for Ebikes
Specifically formulated for electric bikes, Ebike Chain Lube is extremely effective and durable in all conditions. The Ebike high torque loads wear down the chain faster than on a non-assisted bike. This specific lube protects your chain against wear, corrosion and friction thanks to its formulation based on extreme pressure additives. This premium oil penetrates deep into the chain and is resistant to extreme temperatures and water. It keeps the transmission quiet and extends its life.
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Practice                   Commuting
Capacity                  120 ml / 4oz Compressible bottle with safety cap.
Weather conditions  All conditions
Performance            5/5
Durability                 5/5
Cleanliness              3.5/5

Directions for use

1. Degrease and clean the chain using, for example, Zéfal Bike Degreaser and the ZB Clean brush. Effective lubrication can only be achieved on a clean, degreased chain.
2. Rinse and dry using a cloth.
3. Apply a moderate amount of Ebike Chain Lube on the chain while rotating the pedals.
4. Wipe any excess lubricant off the chain.


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