Maxford Liner Fat Tyre 80mm Green
Fed up with flat tyres? The Liner is a protective tape made out of highly resistant polyurethane material and provides additional protection against the risk of getting a puncture. The Liner is positioned between the inner tube and the tyre to help with puncture prevention. Ride without fear, thanks to the liner.


Size: width 80mm X 2200mm x 1mm
Use for fat bike 26"x4" and 20"x4"
2 Liners per pack

Mounting instructions

Installation is done when fitting the tyre.
Rest the tyre flat on a table.
Mount the inner tube by starting with the valve. Carefully inflate until it falls into place.
Slide the Liner between the inner tube and the tyre.
Roll out the Liner and insert it opposite the valve.
Cut the tape with a pair of scissors being careful to leave a 1 cm gap between the two strips which will help stop the tapes overlapping and pinching the inner tube. A squashed inner tube is more likely to puncture.
Check the Liner is in the correct position before adding the rest of the tyre and inflating it to the right pressure.
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