Zefal Z Liner MTB 34mm Blue
Zefal Z Liner MTB 34mm Blue
Fed up with flat tyres? The Z Liner is a protective tape made out of highly resistant polyurethane material and provides additional protection against the risk of getting a puncture. The Z Liner is positioned between the inner tube and the tyre to help with puncture prevention. Ride without fear, thanks to the Z liner.


MTB Universal Tyre, width 1.85 - 2.25"
2 Liners per pack
Mounting instructions

Installation is done when fitting the tyre.
Rest the tyre flat on a table.
Mount the inner tube by starting with the valve. Carefully inflate until it falls into place.
Slide the Z Liner between the inner tube and the tyre.
Roll out the Z Liner and insert it opposite the valve.
Cut the tape with a pair of scissors being careful to leave a 1 cm gap between the two strips which will help stop the tapes overlapping and pinching the inner tube. A squashed inner tube is more likely to puncture.
Check the Z Liner is in the correct position before adding the rest of the tyre and inflating it to the right pressure.
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