Zefal RM60+ Rear Mudguard

Zefal Deflector RM60+ Rear Mudguard
The Deflector RM60 ensures great protection even on rough terrain. Specially designed for mountain biking, they are easy to install and fit perfectly on your bike. They are built to suit 26'', 27.5" & 29" bikes. The double adjustment points allow you more freedom when positioning the deflector. 

NZ$ 35.00
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  • Fits 26'', 27.5" and 29" bikes
  • Universal fitting
  • Double adjustment points allows the mudguard to be positioned closer to the wheel
  • Supplied with instructions
  • Mounts to seat post
  • Adjustable from 25mm to 35mm seat posts
  • 66mm wide at it's narrowest point, to 72mm at it's widest point
  • 500mm long
  • Reflective ring
  • Weighs 220g

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